RTDC Chairman Rathore refutes sacked Minister Gudha’s ‘red diary’ allegations

On the alleged ‘Red Diary’ controversy raised by the sacked Rajasthan Minister R S Gudha against the Gehlot government in the state Legislative Assembly on July 24,  the State Tourism Development Corporation (RTDC) Chairman Dharmendra Rathore tonight disclosed that there was no ‘red diary’ in his house when the Income Tax department raided his premises during the Congress government crisis in 2020.
“I used to write my daily routine affairs in the Gandhi Diary, and IT officials took away my three diaries and it is registered in their record”, the Chairman said in a personal statement here.
Ahead of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Sikar, the BJP hatched a conspiracy with Gudha to malign the image of the Congress party and particularly during the ongoing Manipur violence and women atrocities, the BJP wanted to divert the attention of the public in Rajasthan, Rathore alleged.  “Hence the BJP and Gudha’s statements in the last three days are part of the conspiracy”, he lamented.
“Gudha, who is the most unreliable person, did come to me during that incident, but there was no red diary issue”, the Chairman said.
“I have family terms with Gudha and once he lived in my house, some ten years ago. Many of my other friends and political personalities told me about Gudha’s misbehaviour and unreliability in nature. His background was not good, even then I supported him when he left BSP and joined the Congress twice in 2009, and 2019”.
Yesterday, Dheeraj Gurjar, a young Congress functionary of the PCC and AICC, also denied of his presence in Jaipur when there was any such incident of IT raid at some Congress leaders and a relatives of the Chief Minister.
It is pertinent to mention that on July 21,  the Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot sacked Mr Gudha for his remark favouring women atrocities in Manipur and assailing his government and the worst law and order situation leading to rise in women rape and crime in the state. At a public meeting in his constituency Udaipurwati (Jhunjhunu), Gudha disclosed, “On the Chief Minister Gehlot’s instruction, if i had not gone to the 9th floor by passing 150 CRPF Jawans, breaking the gate, and pulling out the red diary from Dharmendra Rathore’s residence when IT raided his house, he (Gehlot) was in jail”.  Rajasthan Assembly also suspended Gudha for the rest of the sittings of the session on Monday last.