AI tools pose threat to research ethics

Among the various impediments to the integrity and sanctity of academic research perhaps the most perilous as well as unprecedented challenge is the emergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools like ChatGPT. The rampant use of such AI tools has posed serious threats to research ethics and scholarly honesty.

Lining pockets

While high-profile arrests and the occasional edict from the country’s President, the most recent of which was on Tuesday night, may be aimed at convincing the world, mainly the West, that Ukraine is serious about cracking down on corruption

Mr. Patnaik’s journey

Whether or not Naveen Patnaik next year overtakes Sikkim’s Pawan Kumar Chamling to become the country’s longest-serving Chief Minister, one thing is certain.

Setting an Example

Under the sister park arrangement, the two parks will promote exchanges and share experiences in restoring historic structures and landscapes, the use of virtual reality and digital images for preservation and education, and best practices in youth education and tourism management. While the site in Hawaii is associated with the start of World War II, the one in Hiroshima symbolises the War‘s end

Changing hues of migration

Mobility is normal human behavior and a global phenomenon. Our ancestors in the prehistoric era were hunters-gatherers. They were constantly on the move in search of food and shelter. Floods, storms, earthquakes too compelled them to move from one place to the other. Agriculture changed life, and man started to settle at a place. About 96.5 per cent of the global population today lives in countries where they were born. But there are 3.5 per cent who reside in other countries.

Sanction politics

Influential voices in the US policy making establishment have, in the wake of the mercenary Wagner Group’s march almost to…

Power games

Israel’s parliament having passed into law a controversial bill that lays down restrictions on judicial oversight of the government’s decisions, and with citizens of the country having descended to the streets in protest, the country has been enveloped in fresh turmoil.

Free speech limits~II

In other words, Ambedkar argued for empowering the government to impose restrictions on fundamental rights going beyond the limits enumerated in the constitution. For him, this was necessary because in India the apex court would not accept any limitation except what was specified in the Constitution. The same Ambedkar, in the Constituent Assembly, described Fundamental Rights as the very soul of the Constitution

India is in a sweet spot

Successful visits by the Prime Minister to the US, Egypt, France and UAE displayed India’s growing global status. Defence deals, which largely come with multiple riders and restrictions, as also technology which is shared with close allies, were cleared by both France and the US, without restrictions.

A despot’s ways

The virtues of a democratic system, even a flawed one, never fail to attract the most ruthless of despots. Thus a “democratic” endorsement is sought even when it is abundantly clear that the processes followed are autocratic and authoritarian.